If you need ideas on how to celebrate your birthday with your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband in a creative way without braking a bank, we have some tips that can do just that. Birthdays can be stressful sometime when you do not know how to have fun and save money at once. Well, worry no more there is a wide range of ideas for any kind of couple to have fun. From adrenaline junkies to just quiet and reflexed evenings. All the ideas around globe are compiled here on this article.

Here a some of those ideas that can be done on your birthday.


Watch a romantic movie with your partner.
Be sure to buy some snacks and food that will last the whole day and kick back, and watch romantic movies all day long with loved one.


Listen to your favorite songs and sing along.
Sometimes we get caught up in our everyday routine, working hard forgetting small things that really matter and complete us. Your birthday is one of those days that should remind you why you are working so hard for those you love. I hope you did not forget those lyrics to your favorite song.


Find a cooking book and start cooking.
This is one of the best ways to bond with you partner more as work together on this task, you get reminded that you are a team and start appreciating the values of team work at home.


Take long walks on the park.
Long walks means long talks and thoughts that we don't do anymore because of the tight schedule of working hours and deadlines. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up what you have missed all along.


Have a romantic diner set up.
Cook you favorite meal, get some candle light and invite your partner over for a feast that they will never forget. It is the memories that keep relationships alive and give us hope for a better future.


Play a PlayStation game.
Your partner will let you win. It is your birthday after all believe me.


Visit your nearest amusement park and ride the rides

Get some adrenaline rush take pictures of your experience. Make memories that will last forever memories that are real.

Get engaged on your birthday.
This might sound cheesy but it does work. The point is to make good decisions and show growth with little time you have on earth. Of course not forgetting to get a very unique birthday present for your partner.  Here are several birthday gift ideas to juggle your memory


Go out with friends and their partners.
It depends who you are and what kind of friends you have. You might go out clubbing or go to a local restaurant, a road trip options are endless.


Book a romantic inn
Make a reservation for the night in a romantic inn for the two of you. Away from home and everyday routine, is what every couple needs.


Visit a karaoke bar
Visit a karaoke bar and surprise her by singing her favorite song.


Buy His and Hers T-shirts.
Buy his and hers T-shirts and wear them on your birthday. T-shirts must be personalized, it could be anything like "MOM" and "DAD".


Make a costume certificate for your lover.
Be creative and write "The worlds’ best wife" or anything that you can relate to.


Call in on a radio station.
Surprise your lover by calling the radio station and request her favorite song dedicated to her.


Get a trophy for your lover.
Go to the trophy shop there are so many ideas you will come across. Get her a trophy that says "Worlds best lover" or "Champion lover" there is a wide range of ideas.


Spread rose pedals all over the bedroom.
This is a classic. Rose pedals in the bedroom has worked for our grandfathers and it is still a winner, you will never go wrong with it.


Write your lover a love letter or a poem.
This is another classic. And it is one of the cheesy ways to show your love, but it takes the cake.


Go out to see a movie.
If you are not an indoors person you can always go out to see a romantic movie. Do not sleep during the movie your partner will be offended, but when it is your birthday she might let it slip.


Full body massage.
Get a body massage, nothing relaxes and romantic as getting a body massage from your lover. It is natural and cost free.


Get a good wine.
With a good wine on the menu, a good toast will follow completing a good birthday that will give hope for more birthday to come.


Make a worm chocolate cake.
One of the ingredients for good love is hot chocolate, it is a romantic desert.


Take a moon light walk.
Taking a walk in a quiet night is very useful, relaxing and gives an opportunity to talk about things you usually avoid on a busy day.


Take a bath together.
On a normal day you take shower rush to work, come back tired take a bath and sleep. On your birthday take a bubble bath with your lover and bond as much as you can. You need it.


Slow dance to your favorite romantic song.
When was the last time you held your partners hand, looked at her eyes and danced? Probably it has been a while. Take advantage of your birthday and rebuild what might crumble.


Write a list of what you love about your lover.
Knowing why someone loves you can turn you into a better person because now you work on those elements and your weaknesses.    


Groom yourself and wear good clothes.
Looking different from your normal person your lover is used to see will ignite the spark again, dare yourself on this one. Go all out.


There are many ideas you can explore when you plan to have a romantic birthday for you or your lover. Make sure it is a memorable one and will grow you and your relationship with your lover.